How to Water a Flower Bed With a Sprinkler System

2015-02-27     Source: ehow
Flowers, just like a well-groomed lawn, require regular watering to thrive. Traditional irrigation systems can be modified to accomplish both tasks. By converting an existing sprinkler head to a riser-based sprinkler, you can turn your irrigation system into a flower-watering machine. Its simple to convert a single sprinkler head to hit a flower bed and requires only a few inexpensive parts. Once the job is done, your flowers and grass will be happy and healthy all season long.


1. Find a sprinkler head that sits nearest the flower bed.

2. Dig about 5 inches of dirt around all the edges of the sprinkler head. Clear away the dirt so you can grab the sprinkler head.

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3. Unscrew the sprinkler head by turning it counterclockwise until it pulls free from the supply line underground.

4. Unscrew the small PVC riser in the supply line. It's beneath the sprinkler head.


5. Screw a 12-inch PVC riser into the supply line. Turn it clockwise until tight. The elevated position will allow the water to reach the raised flower bed.

6. Screw the rotor sprinkler head onto the top of the PVC riser.

7. Replace the soil around the base of the new riser.

8. Adjust the new sprinkler head so it is aimed at the flower bed. All models are different, but there is often a set screw on the top of the sprinkler that turns to adjust the direction of the spray. If desired, you can set the spray so it hits both the flower bed and the lawn.

Tips & Warnings

1. You can remove the raised sprinkler at any time and replace it with the regular sprinkler head.

2. Be careful when mowing lawns with raised sprinkler heads.
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