Plans complete for first agricultural park in Tanzania

2017-06-12     Source: allafrica
PLANS are underway to set up the country s first Agricultural Park at Kimamba in Kilosa District that will provide farmers with land and irrigation infrastructure in the area to improve productivity for food security and economic growth.

The Agricultural Park is an area set aside largely for agricultural activities to encourage continuation of such operations, in which farmers can rent farms for a long term tenure at reasonable cost.

The lessees are engaged in diversified agricultural crops or aquaculture. Water and Irrigation Minister, Engineer Gerson Lwenge said in Dar es Salaam yesterday that feasibility study for the project worth 90m/-was complete, saying that the government of China through Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission had agreed to bankroll the project.

"The Agricultural Park will ensure food security as well as adequate and reliable supply of water to the community in the area," said the minister shortly after meeting with a delegation from China to discuss the project.

The delegation, which was led by Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission Chairman Zhang Kun, was on a three-day tour in the country.

It jetted off for China yesterday after visiting the project site in Morogoro Region. Engineer Lwenge pointed out that the project will include construction of irrigation infrastructure and dam in a 2,400 hector farm and that the project was the result of collective and tireless efforts by all parties working constructively in the spirit of mutual cooperation.

"We developed the idea of setting up the Agricultural Park from China.

We will learn a lot from the project," observed the minister. According to the Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission Chairman, Mr. Zhang Kun, their tour of the country was aimed at providing them with an opportunity to learn on policies of investment in the country.

"China and Tanzania have enjoyed historical relations, and the project demonstrates good bilateral relations of the two countries," he said.

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