We have effective remedy for armyworm, tomato pests

2017-06-12     Source: allafrica
A fertiliser producer, Crystallizer Nigeria Limited, has said its product can effectively control armyworm pests, tomato diseases and improve yield.

Chairman and Managing Director of Crystallizer Nigeria Limited, General Dansoho Mohammed (rtd), in a statement in Abuja, said the product provided the effective remedy that would help farmers to curtail crop diseases.

"Our product is made from natural sources and has the capacity to effectively control this rampaging disease because of the presence of an element in the product called Silica.

Gen. Dansoho said results obtained from farmers from Kano, Kaduna, Kastina and Niger states, who were given free samples of Crystallizer Fertilizer to conduct their own on-farm trials proved that Crystallizer Fertilizer was very effective in controlling the tomato diseases and armyworms.

The chairman further said Nigeria had all it takes to save its farmers from any pest threat instead of looking for solutions outside the shores of the country.

"Our product is a leeway out of this seeming problem and we are willing and ready to collaborate with government and other agencies at any level to provide a lasting solution to those threats to our famers," he said.

He said Crystallizer Fertilizer had the ability not only to control diseases but also to enhance crop yield because of the magnesium content of the fertiliser that has 27 per cent magnesium and 60 per cent of silica.

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